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Caltrans DOT3 Regional Headquarters, Marysville

Long Beach State Courthouse, Long Beach

Multi-building complexes in multiple areas on Base, which included billeting, laundry, community recreational, administrative, classroom, vehicle maintenance, armory, and storage facilities

MTA maintenance facility, which includes various machine shops with multiple motor equipment.

Provided electrical engineering for (8) Different building sites located throughout Camp Pendleton provided total almost 1M square foot of living and working space, as well as community multi-purpose facilities, which included laundry, TV lounges, multi-purpose rooms, and site recreational facilities for marines. 

Camp Pendleton, OceansideInterim Facilities P-1117 11 Area, 13 Area, 16 Area, 21 Area, 23 Area, 33 Area, 41 Area, 43 Area, 52 Area, 53 Area,        62 Area 

MTA, Los Angeles
Bauchet Maintenance Facility  5600 Wishire, Los Angeles

Provided constructability, value engineering, and peer review for the installation methods of the electrical systems on a project.   The design-build project included the replacement of the city’s existing court with a new 545,000 square-foot building. The facility included 31 courtrooms, commercial office space and retail space compatible with court uses. The construction also consists of upgrades and new lighting for a staff parking structure.

This building complex included 200,000SF, multi-tenant building included offices for 900 Caltrans employees, data processing facility, cafeteria, three parking lots, childcare center, diesel generator and UPS system.

Camp Pendleton, Oceanside
Multiple BEQ facilities
P-026, P-073, P-094, P-190, P-520, P-1008, P-1115, P-1116

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